Preservation: New Roof, Exterior Wall Repairs, Facade Restoration, Storm Reconstruction and ADA updates

The National Auto and Truck Museum is located in the former factory buildings of the Auburn Automotive Company which produced some of the most innovative and futuristic automobiles. Our 1923 Service Building served as the center for testing and serving the company’s care and for distribution of automotive parts to dealers throughout the world. Our 1928-29 Experimental Building or the L-29 Experimental Building was the final assembly plant for the revolutionary L-29 Cord. In the lower level, designers Alan Leamy and Gordon Buehrig set up satellite offices to supervise the craftsmen who turned their designs into automotive works of art.

These structures were named by the Secretary of the Interior as National Historic Landmarks in 2005, being the only automotive assembly plants so honored. Within their walls are displayed approximately 200 post war cars and trucks that help tell the story of the progress in automotive innovation in the 20th Century.

Our existing Historic buildings are approximately 90 years old. They require constant maintenance and are now in need of new roofs, repairs to exterior walls and windows and general waterproofing if we are to preserve them for future generations. Another part of this component will be the restoration of the front facade of the Service Building to its original appearance and the reconstruction of the rear portion of the Service Building that was destroyed in a storm over 20 years ago.

Estimate: $1 Million

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